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Tatiana Tret is an American artist. Tret works with a multitude of media, such as painting, photography, sculpture and digital media. Tret is best known for her "Glass in motion" series, which has been exhibited in gallery shows and Museum shows across the USA.  


Tatiana Tret's work incorporates some of the most important historical aspects of classic and modern art, namely sculpture, photography and Abstract Expressionism. Going back hundreds of centuries, the sculpture was seen by many cultures as the only true art form. Photography in the 19th century caused art to take a different path, towards the non-representational, the Abstract Expressionist movement of the mid 20th century was the ultimate embodiment of non-representational art as an answer to realism "on tap" from photography.  


Tret’s latest body of 3-dimensional work, is based around manipulated digital photographs of glass objects and stained glass, the images are then produced as unique aluminum relief sculpture. Apart from the printing of the image onto aluminum, everything is created by Tret, from the selection of the glass subjects through to the sculpting of the aluminum.


"Tret has created objects of beauty that appeal to the average person's love of the beautiful aesthetic and imaginative design, yet there is real substance to the conceptual process for intellectual appeal, to those who look deeper. "

Currently, Tatiana lives in Miami, Florida and works in her studio “TT Contemporary Art.”                                                  

Her artworks have been represented in galleries of New York, Florida, Connecticut, The Museum of Russian Art (USA).

They are also in private collections in Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, England, Russia, and the USA.

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