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3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 60"x30"
Size: 60"x 40"
Spiral, symbol of time, the energy of space…
This is my first work, which was inspired by a Murano Glass vase bought at St. Mark’s Square in Venice.
My friend, who is an energy healer, says that this work carries a lot of positive energy.
Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 24"x24"
How often in childhood we fly in our dreams! High in the sky among magic stars to new worlds, to learn their secrets, with feeling of joy, freedom and infinity of space.
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Yellow sun and blue water—the stuff from which life sprung up. Mix up these colors and life begins in her green plants on the Earth with sprouts of bamboo towering up into the sky, without which it is impossible to imagine a Chinese vast space of forests, fields, and gardens.
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 40"x30"
In ancient times people believed:
To manifest desires, write them on a small piece of paper and fold it several times, the inscriptions inside. Cut a Big Apple in half, and in each piece make a small hole by removing the core. Rejoin the two halves of the apple, with your wishes in the niche. Tie the halves together with thread and bury in the ground in a deserted place. Your desires are fulfilled when the apple decays and returns to dust.
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Jester, Harlequin, his fate - always wear a mask-
in fact need to be funny for everyone!
Under the mask you can’t see no tears, no sadness ...
And who can guess - who is hiding underneath?
And what's going on in his mind?
Tomorrow is a new day.
And again, Harlequin will make people laughing.
But who will give a reward to Harlequin?
Today, he is such as he is, without mask.
Abstract Art Size:36"x24"
All the colors of nature come from a center of heat, light, and love for life. The heat flows from hot hearts. The more warmth and kindness, the less room for evil and cruelty. When approaching this painting the feeling is similar to approaching the center of the heat and then di
Abstract Art on Aluminum
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 40x40
Clock face. Symbol of Time ...
Time moves on. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, years pass...
The centuries change, civilizations crumble and sands cover the ruins of the cities.
The clock continues its infinite loop, it goes in circles, quietly counting our time to live. I want to stop time!
I try to do it mentally, placing block before arrows, and realize that it's hopeless ...
Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 40"x27"
Iris, most beautiful flower,
Symbol of life, love, and light;
Found by the brook, and the meadow,
Or lofty, on arable height.
You come in such glorious colors,
In hues, the rainbow surpass;
The chart of color portrays you,
In petal, or veins, of your class.
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 60"x40"
A few years ago, we went to Newport, Rhode Island on a family holiday. To this day I remember a sunny day, the smell of flowers and a narrow trail leading to the ocean.
I wanted to capture that day in my memory and express as an abstract. It was quite a difficult task to mix the colors and match tens of pieces of stained glass… But I did it!
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 60"x40"
Mesmerizing fire and flames, appearing from nowhere and disappearing into nowhere; each curled vortex delves deeper into the depths of life and radiates heat to the cold black void of the background.
Abstract Art on Aluminum
Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 30"x27"
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 60"x40"
Rain - is so different ... like our mood, our life.
Rain has color, music, and even a name.
Rain can be multicolored. Especially in the glimpse of darkness, neon signs and car lights ...
And every drop reflects the world around us ... Exotic palms, sea, skyscrapers of a big city ...
Many people do not like rainy weather, because they do not notice it hides a certain romantic mood. Like they are on another planet
Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 30"x27"
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 40"x40"
Abstraction on Aluminum
Size: 40"x30"
Someone will see plants, someone will see melancholy sleeping birds; birds that are waiting for strong winds, that can awaken them, birds that are frozen in a tango dance. The music stopped and hanging in midair, birds that are asleep wake up with the first musical chords of love, light, and sunrise.
3-D Abstract Art on Aluminum
Size: 40"x40"
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